Monday, 20 December 2010

Disorda - Bonafide Beats Vol.8 (80's/90's Dancehall Mix)

A little suttin' suttin' for Bonafide Magazine...

Disorda, manager of Suspect Packages, relentless champion of the underground and possessor of a great record collection, takes the helm of Bonafide Beats with a little help from irrepressible host, Serocee. Popping a tin of Red Stripe, Disorda proceeds to break open a dusty crate of top ranking 80s and 90s dancehall vinyl and put together a set of riddim killers.
Rarities and classics jostle together and capture the contradictory nature of the sound. Opening track Lone Ranger’s Badder Dan Dem sets the tone for a mix that has the vitality, the chaos, the bombastic, the political and the dark tinges of the genre.

Highlights include Don Carlos Lazer Beam, who in 2010 comes out sounding like the prototype for Diplo and Switch’s Major Lazer incarnation, Nardo Ranks’ Skin Out which a hypnotic ode to the fairer sex, Admiral Tibett’s soulful Leave People Business and Little Lenny’s Gun a Baggy, a track heavy both in tunage and the fact that it’s subject matter concerns the danger of STDs lurking in a girl’s panties (random factoid alert, this was apparently banned from Jamaican radio in 88).

So there we are, Bonafide Beats #08, a soundsystem guaranteed to shake the snow off the roof of your car.

(description finishes with obligitory gunshot noises)

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Lone Ranger – Badder Dan Dem
Little John – Fade Away
Don Carlos – Lazer Beam
Poppa Tollo – Nuff Stylee
Ranking Dread – Super Star
Admiral Tibet – Trouble To A Man
Nardo Ranks – Skin Out
Michigan & Smiley – Nice Up The Dance
Shinehead – Rough And Rugged
Ninjaman – Test The High Power
Shabba Ranks – Get Up Stand Up
Tenor Saw – Bad Boys
Frankie Paul – Dub Organizer
Burro Banton – Boom Wah Dis
Admiral Tibet – Leave People Business
Red Dragon – Yu Body Good
Michael Prophet & Ricky Tuffy – Dis a de 90’s Hit
Buju Banton – Man A Look You
Wayne Wonder & Don Youth – Loving Excess
Dugsy Ranks – Wifee
Spragga Benz – Things A Gwaan
Daddy Screw & Donovan – Big Things
Tenor Fly – Roughneck Fashion
Super Cat – Mud Up
Shabba Ranks – Caan Dun
Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul & Josie Wales – Curfew
Don Yute – Yuh Own Di Man
Spragga Benz – Accident
Daddy Screw and Donnovan – Kerry
Frisco Kid – Wackie News
Daddy Screw & Maxi Priest – Heartbreaker
Spragga Benz – Car Crash
Terror Fabulous – No Ride
Little Lenny – Gun In A Baggy
Little Lenny – Healthy Body
Tanto Metro – Gal Pickney
Captain Barkey – Sound Of The Gun
Daddy Freddy & Tenor Fly – Rough Neck Nuh Ramp
Sweetie Irie & Joe 90 – New Talk
Barrington Levy & Sasafras – Step Up In Life

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