Monday, 13 December 2010

Stylah 'Prologue' video

Finally coming on a physical CD format at the end of January will be Stylah's 'Treading Water' album, a 15 track affair on his own LDN Global Records imprint. Memphis Bleek, Young Safi, Smiler & Tony D all feature, it's a hefty release people, and well worth the wait...

Until then, here's another promo attack, the awesome video for the 2nd track in on the album, after the intro... 'Prologue'. Featuring a worl'a special guests all voicing Stylah's lyrics for him, maybe he wasn't around for the actual filming day? He is in it though, so maybe it's just a clever trick he though of, yeah that'll be it... Featuring (in order) Smiler, Sincere, Doc Brown, Chrome, DJ Snips, DJ 279, D Raw, Fumin, Lowkey, Charlie Sloth, Noel Clarke, G Frsh, Ill Mill, Bashy, Mega, Ace + Vis, K Koke, Dave Courtney, Wordplay, Tony D, Strapzy, Fusion, Loudmouth, Sway, Haze and of course, there he is... Stylah!

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