Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Suspect Packages Live flix & footage...

Big upz to all who reached this months SP LIVE with Kal Sereousz, Melanin 9 and Cyrus Malachi reppin' fully!

Apologies to anyone who reached expecting it to be free entry, as we advertised, and then had to pay! Blame the management of the venue who decided to switch things up at 10pm without telling us, nice.

Here's a few pics taken by one of the regulars, big up Ria! Our normal photographer James forgot his camera charger, long story. There's also some live footage courtesy of DJ LoK, big up bro! Till' next month, Friday 11th of February.

...oh yeah, don't watch that balloon business, they were left over from NYE and I for one wasn't taking them all down.

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