Saturday, 21 July 2012

Blog update...

Thanx for all the comments to the post below everyone!
As you all know the music industry has been badly hit over the last few years. Suspect Packages hasn't been left out of this either. We've put a lot of investment into a new website, which will house everything in one place, the retail site, radio shows, videos, blog, events page and more.
We hope you all continue to support Suspect Packages... Looking forward to sharing the new site with everyone.
Big up, Disorda.


Anonymous said...

You big tease. Cant wait to check out ur new ish when its up. Big up urself disorda!

Anonymous said...

been checking you out on hear for the last two tears dis and you've restored alot of my faith in the uk scene. througth this blog and the sp website ive kept up to date with whats happening and invested in alot of homegrown pressure from cyrus malachi to scriblah dangoph, klashnekoff, prose, crusada and more. hope the new website gna be just as good bro cus it'll be sad to see this one go. same goes 4 the radio show as well, bless.