Thursday, 19 July 2012

This blog...

I reckon i'm gonna stop posting on this blog soon folks, despite hundreds and thousands of hits, daily, from all over the world, there's never ANY love shown back for all the work that goes into posting and sourcing material. Our new Suspect Packages retail site will soon be ready, and all the videos and other material will be posted there moving forward. Respek.


Cadenza said...

Real sad to read..understandable though.. hopefully won't be too sorely missed!

Anonymous said...

hip hop heads are lazy man. you gotta know that.

nevertheless, i think i can speak for all of us:


allstar said...

Appreciate everything you do. Been a long time listener to the SP radio show and enjoying the Dub Chronicles too, so hope you can keep bringing the goodness.

solowkey said...

Do it for the love, oh there is none ....


Dang , that some bad new there

Sorry i aint shown more love, i read regularly but am too lazy busy too post

is that the end of suspect radio too , that cannot beeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

Got me feeling well ignorant now! I cannot emphasis how much I love this blog - U'v provided untold hours of entertainment and culture - much thanks for this - I really do hope you do carry it on in one form or another - if so I'll be listening (and adding comments!) peas man

Anonymous said...

Yo Disorda, I feel partly responsible now. I check the blog every day, and find most stuff informative. Most importantly, coming from outta town, this blog pretty much is the only source of uk hip hop I can be bothered with. Although I have never posted, your blogging has made me spend hundreds of ££££ with you. Don't stop bruh! Lee

Anonymous said...

It will be a sad day if you stop man, like most people this is my main stop for news and info etc and yes im just as guilty as the next man in not showing appreciation, which im ashamed to say makes me part of the problem. Can understand why but shit man... Gonna be sorely missed when/if u stop. Dark times.

DISORDA said...

Thanx for all the comments so far everyone!
As you all know the music industry has been badly hit over the last few years. Suspect Packages hasn't been left out of this either. We've put a lot of investment into a new website, which will house everything in one place, the retail site, radio shows, videos, blog, events page and more.
We hope you all continue to support Suspect Packages... Looking forward to sharing the new site with everyone.
Big up, Disorda.

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