Thursday, 11 March 2010

Obba Supa vs Billy Paul

Obba Supa have teamed up with HypeDog to bring you a slick remix project sampling 70's soul singer Billy Paul. Shit's ill yo, coming to you next week, check the flip of 'Me And Mrs Jones' below. We've also just uploaded their debut album 'To:Am Free:A', don't sleep on this crew...

Mrs Jones And Me Ft Ray Vendetta & Radimo - Obba Supa VS Billy Paul by chesinfield

1. Intro
2. Lets Stay Together Ft Ray Vendetta
3. Mrs Jones And Me Ft Ray Vendetta & Radimo on sax
4. Black Wonders Ft Ray Vendetta & Bad Fx
5. Love And War Of The God Ft Radimo on flute
6. Star Striking Ft Ray Vendetta
7. Cum On Cum On (instrumental)
8. The Disclaimer Ft Vague
9. Mrs Robinson Love (interlude)
10. Oh Holy Peace

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