Monday, 8 March 2010

Pete Cannon's a beast...

Hopefully by now you'll have heard of producer/emcee Pete Cannon. Nah? Let me skool you, one of the first things he appeared on (as Mr Dick) was the Funky Fresh Few album 'Stealing' back in 2003. From there he's been perfecting his beat making skills, and boy has he been perfecting!
More recently he's featured with his crew Tactical Thinking on their debut 'Too Broke To Go Solo', a cracking album if ever there was one, also look out for albums from Assa & Surreal Knowledge that are in the pipeline.
I've had a beat CD from Pete on constant rotation for the last 3 months and truss me he's just getting better and better, belting out banger after banger... Check these two joints with Florida based emcee Cambatta, and watch for Pete Cannon productions 'cause he's gonna blow up big time...

Cambatta - Goodness Gracious Prod. Pete Cannon by Jay Large

Cambatta - Everlasting (The Gobstopper) Prod. By Pete Cannon by Jay Large

And here's a bonus remix nugget, tell me this don't snap ya head off??!!

Foreign Beggars feat.Guilty Simpson 'Prove It' (Pete Cannon Remix)

Guilty Simpson -Foreign Beggars PROVE IT- Pete Cannon Remix by Jay Large

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