Monday, 23 May 2011

Juga-Naut 'Juganautology' mixtape

It's about that time to introduce you to a hefty Nottingham emcee/producer, quite literally, enter Juga-Naut. Having recently opened up for Rakim in Notts, this talented individual has a free mixtape for ya to check out. 'Juganautology' features Scorzayzee, Vandal Savage & Tommy Nova. And the majority of beats here are handled by Juga-Naught himself, plus Joe Buhdha & Kingshan. And a few paying respect to Mobb Deep, J-Dilla and others... A tidy introduction of you've not checked for him, enjoy yo.
Here's a little insight into the release from the man himself anyway, filmed at the recent Rakim gig.

JUGA-NAUT EPK from Propaganda & Tapes on Vimeo.

1 comment: said...

Big up Disorda for posting this....
This guy is the future for Hip Hop for The UK and Worldwide