Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Demon Boyz - Hocus Pocus (original version) & video

I'm the living Demon Boyz fan, anyone who knows me well knows i'm down with the Demonz demonz demonz. So when this popped up into my world last i smiled, nodded my head and hit play immediately. Not only what appears to be an unheard original version of 'Hocus Pocus', as found on their 1992 album 'Original Guidance', but a dooope video to go with it. Twilight Firm & Demon Boyz all in attendence.
Apparently this was filmed by two fans at the time, for the love, and what a job they did, totally capturing the vibe and fashion of that time within the UK's Hip Hop scene. Just check for yourself anyway, it's all about the dancers...

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moyinka said...

fuckin' brilliant mate. this is what we want and more of it. put me down for a copy if it ever gets pressed up..