Wednesday, 24 August 2011

MFTC Archives Vol​.​1

It has to be the release of the year surely? Just check it. Took me back to some good times listening Task Force with friends. This also features Ramson Badbonez, Remus, Eno Redrum, Mic Skilligan & RawDog...
Looking forward to more of this. Had to boost it up. Original foundation sound of Bury Cru and Task Force... Don't just listen, purchase, only a fiver. 15 tracks in total. What do we say to a physical release though? This is so dope.

'So, here it is...The first volume of the official Task Force archives. Music From The Corner is at least 10yrs old now and as a celebration we have gathered up some old unreleased gems for our very loyal fan base to listen to in its original lo-fi format. The tracks you will hear are all unfinished and have never been mastered, in fact they only exist as mp3s/wavs so you get them as we finished them all those years ago. One of the tracks date back to before Task Force was formed and features a very young Remus on the chorus. The rest are all tracks that were left over from our MFTC albums, for one reason or another. We really hope you enjoy these extracts of days that have long past and can perceive them as exactly that. This is not up to date material and should be heard as part of Task Force history! Look out for Volume 2 coming very soon. Love, Peace & Music From The Corner...Farma & Chesta'

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Anonymous said...

I'm all about new sounds and very rarely go back to old tunes late. This is worth its weight and TF still gets its play - def.