Monday, 22 August 2011

MC Mell'O' ‘Thoughts Released 2011' & KOTB 'The Movie'

King Of The Beats embassador Pritt Kalsi gets behind the camera to film the legend that is MC Mell'O', as he talks on his 'Thoughts Released : Revelation 1' album reissue, touring with the likes of Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr and more back in the early 90's, reality talk from one of the realist in the game...

MC MellO July 2011 from pritt on Vimeo.

And whilst you're at it, take some time out and check the full length King Of The Beats 'The Movie'. A must viewing, shout to Pritt!! Keep, keeping on... This pretty much sums it up (from the KOTB site):

'Filmed and Edited all in 5 weeks on a Zero Budget. Here is The first full HD Film from Director Pritt Kalsi. Featuring the event ‘WHO’S GONNA TAKE THE CRATE?’ July 16th 2011. Agor, First Hand & Hi-Soul take on the challenge to see who is the KING OF THE BEATS.
The film chronicles the beginnings of KOTB, how, why it was created, how it developed and where it is going. This is a true Hip Hop story. A story of little people with big ideas, a passion for the culture a love of records.'

KING OF THE BEATS FILM PART 1 OF 2 (2011) from pritt on Vimeo.

KING OF THE BEATS FILM PART 2 (2011) from pritt on Vimeo.

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